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These glamping cabins were inspired by Welsh myths and legends

Calling these pop-up abodes “unique” is a bit of an understatement

cylindrical glamping dwelling
Little Dragon by Barton Willmore Architects.
All photos via Dezeen

A giant hat, a dragon’s eye, and an open-air observatory are just three of the whimsical holiday homes created in honor of Wales’s Year of Legends—a year-long celebration of the country’s many myths and stories. A total of eight odd accommodations from different architects make up the themed glamping experience, christened Epic Retreats.

The cluster of homes will serve as vacation suites moving between two Welsh sites this summer—Snowdia for most of June and the Llŷn Peninsula for the latter half of July and first half of September. Each small abode includes a bed (ranging in size from double to “circular”) as well as a wood-burning stove and an en suite bathroom. Each was built for less than $14,200 and was inspired by a bit of Welsh culture or myth. But that’s where the similarities end.

Arthur's Cave by Miller Kendrick Architects.

There’s the tiny home from Miller Kendrick Architects inspired by the story of a cave that King Arthur and his knights slept in for a night—but could never find again. The Rural Office for Architecture designed a massive tent resembling the tall back hats that kids wear on St. David’s Day. Architects at Francis & Arnett designed a black-timber-clad cabin with a round door that rolls open.

Black Hat by Rural Office for Architecture.
Animated Forest by Francis & Arnett.

Two dragon-inspired shelters—the metal-clad Dragon’s Eye and wood-shingled Little Dragon— were designed by Carwyn Lloyd Jones and Barton Willmore Architects, respectively.

Dragon's Eye by Carwyn Lloyd Jones.

How About Studio’s contribution is a reinterpretation of a Welsh miner’s home. The SkyHut from Waind Gohil + Potter Architects was inspired by the story that those who sleep under the stars will wake up as mad men. And Trias designed a cute little home with a facade of slate tiles. Head to Dezeen for a look inside each dwelling.

Miner's Legend by How About Studio.
SkyHut by Waind Gohil + Potter Architects.
Slate Cabin by Trias.

Via: Dezeen