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Lightweight teardrop trailer can be customized for your adventure

The Inka Venture OHV starts at $20,000

camper trailer Inka Venture OHV

Teardrop trailers are built with all kinds of specialties these days, from extra-large windows for star gazing to campers with modular pop-up design. But one of the most popular types of teardrop trailers are those that can go off-road.

The Inka Venture OHV features a similar shape as vintage teardrop trailers, but its adjustable air springs, 32-inch tires, and 17 inches of clearance mean that this camper can handle the bumpy roads of the backcountry. These attributes help give the Inka its name; the chassis and suspension mean it’s a capable Off Highway Vehicle (OHV).

Similar to Inka Outdoor’s other teardrop model, the Brevard Hustler, the Venture’s interior cabin boasts a queen-size bed, eight latching cabinets for storage, and dual USB charging ports. The back of the trailer pops open to reveal a large kitchen with a stainless steel sink, a two-burner propane stove, and either a place for your cooler or an optional refrigerator/freezer.

More cabinets and the option for an outdoor shower and extra fresh water make the Inka teardrop trailers infinitely customizable. To supplement the Venture’s backcountry capabilities, other options include solar panels, tool boxes, specialized racks to haul extra gear, air compressor systems, and rooftop tents.

The Inka is also relatively lightweight (around 1,500 pounds), so even smaller cars like a Subaru Outback can haul it. The Venture OHV base model starts at $19,495, and you can head over here for more.