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Apple's new campus vs. Dave Eggers's 'The Circle,' in breathless quotes

It’s hard to tell fiction from fact when people write about Apple Park

The Ring or The Circle?

Apple’s shiny new $5 billion campus opened to employees in late April. But, so far, it seems only Wired has been granted permission to permeate the four-story glass walls and return to civilization with a breathless review of what’s inside. So breathless, in fact, that some of details seem too fantastical to believe.

Consider details from the story like this: Apple custom-designed (and patented) a circular pizza box for its new cafe. “Francesco Longoni, the maestro of the Apple Park café, helped Apple patent a box that will keep to-go pizzas from getting soggy.”

Right? In a few cases, writer Steven Levy’s passages about Apple Park are such spectacular examples of tech company indulgence that they sound like they’re plucked right from the pages of The Circle, Dave Eggers’s 2013 book about an influential Silicon Valley corporation that was recently adapted into a film.

Look familiar? It’s not Apple Park, it’s the campus of The Circle from the new film
STX Entertainment

For proof, I pulled a few of my favorite descriptions of Apple Park from Levy’s review and The Circle’s campus from Eggers’s novel.

Can you tell which is which? Read these quotes and try to guess if it’s a real-life detail from Apple Park or a description of the made-up campus in The Circle.