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Ikea’s Space10 innovation lab launches survey on AI

The company is embarking on a study to inform future intelligent products

Ikea store Shutterstock

Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant that’s associated more often with cheap particle board than technology, is turning an eye toward tech’s cutting edge: artificial Intelligence. A new project out of the company’s innovation lab, Space10, is looking to determine how the public feels about AI and the forms it should take in our lives.

An online survey, called “Do You Speak Human?”, features a website evocative of Ikea’s iconic assembly manuals. After a short intro video explaining the purpose of the questionnaire, a simple chat-like interface asks a series of nine questions ranging from your ideal form and gender of an AI product to whether it should detect your emotions and prevent you from making mistakes.

Space10 has officially launched the survey in Barcelona, where they’ve installed stylish black-and-white voting booths. It will soon move to Copenhagen, but anyone can weigh-in online right now.

At publishing time, 85 percent of respondents preferred that AI be able to detect and react to human emotions; 75 percent preferred a humanlike AI as opposed to one that was robotic, and 44 percent preferred a gender neutral interface, rather than one that was deliberately styled male or female.

The results will be used to inform the design of future products from Space10 and Ikea. Here’s hoping there’s an umlaut in its name.

Via: Co.Design