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Rustic house truck converted from horsebox

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The wood details are amazing

rustic converted house truck All photos via Tiny House Swoon

Looking at this converted “Helga” house truck, you’d never know it was once a home for horses rather than humans. Built for a client by the Somerset, England-based tiny home construction company House Box, the mobile home is a renovated 1989 Mercedes 814 truck.

“When Helga first arrived she was still very much a horse-box (complete with hay and poo!),” the company wrote on its Facebook page. Now, it’s a quirky haven filled with warm paneling and rustic details.

The prominent use of naturally shaped wood for the stair column and framing around the opening of the sleeping loft is a particularly homey detail not often seen in tiny homes. There’s also ample built-in seating (with storage underneath, ‘natch) and a table that can be installed beside the benches or hidden away.

The home also features a darling little kitchen with blue cabinets and copper accents. The wood counter has a nice natural edge, and a section that pulls up to reveal the small sink. A cabinet opposite the kitchen conceals some of the truck’s mechanical systems, including the batteries for its solar panels. There’s also a full bathroom with a shower lined with corrugated metal.

Via: Tiny House Swoon