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Chinese chapel appears to float above a brick wall

The chapel in Suzhou, China is by Neri & Hu

A white cub with a perforated metal skin sits atop a base made of dark gray brick walls.
The main hall is actually propped above the brick base.
Photos via Dezeen

Shanghai-based practice Neri & Hu has designed a simple chapel comprising a white cube and a brick base. Situated within Sangha, a wellness resort in Suzhou, China, the waterfront building is part of a complex that includes a hotel, spa, villas, a health clinic, educational facilities, an amphitheater, conference space, and retail.

The chapel comprises a wraparound entrance formed by dark gray brick walls arranged like a hedge maze, which leads visitors through the program until they reach the building.

Propped up on the walls, the main hall appears to be floating. Its facade, which features square windows, is enclosed by a perforated metal covering that creates an effect of translucency depending on the time of day. Inside, vertically placed wooden battens form the outline of a gabled structure, converging in a vaulted ceiling. This building-within-a-building also adds to the many layers of the chapel.

A mezzanine and roof terrace are also part of the layout and are accessed by a concrete and terrazzo side staircase with intruding geometric blocks, which produces a striking contrast to the seeming delicacy of the hall. For more, head over to Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen