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Architect's 1960s time capsule with sculptural staircase asks $526K

Jesper Lund designed this home in Hillerød, Denmark

A rectilinear volume with a large window perches atop a broad brick structure.
A rectilinear volume perches atop a broad brick structure.
Photos via Ivan Eltoft Nielsen

An intriguing modernist property has come on the market in Hillerød, Denmark, just north of Copenhagen. Designed in 1969 by architect Jesper Lund as a residence for himself, the 178-square-meter, or approximately 1,900-square-foot home looks surprisingly of-the-moment.

A shipping container-esque volume props perpendicular to a brick block below to create simple, open interiors enhanced by floor-to-ceiling windows and a mix of materials. These include hardwood floors and tongue-and-groove ceilings in the common areas, brick flooring on the main level, and tiling in the bathroom.

The most surprising feature of the home has got to be the barrel-like spiral staircase in bright yellow that connects the upper level with the lower one. Appearing almost sculptural, the lacquered banister holds court between the original kitchen and the living room, like a transporter of some kind. Descend the steps and find yourself in another world—or a game room.

From here, red built-in shelves line a hallway off which three bedroom and a bathroom with sauna are set. Each room includes a glass door that leads directly outside to the verdant site. A porch off the dining area provides a further connection to the outdoors.

The property is offered at 3.5 million Danish krone, or approximately $526,000.

Via: WowHaus