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WeWork is opening gyms in its office spaces

No, it’s not called WeWorkout

wework coworking space
WeWork’s Fulton Center location in NYC.

Coworking behemoth WeWork is branching out past co-living into yet another venture beyond its core office space business: gyms. Over the last year, the company has been experimenting with running fitness classes across its New York City locations, using common areas, decks, and other spaces for yoga, spinning, dance, meditation, and kickboxing, in addition to massages.

WeWork Wellness gyms are open to non-WeWork members who can sign up for classes online, through Eventbrite, ClassPass, or an iOS app. While most of the locations are described as “popup” studios, the company appears to be establishing a permanent gym at the WeWork at its Financial District location in New York City.

The gym concept makes sense, since people willing to shell out a monthly fee for desk space could very well do the same thing for a fitness class. Most of the classes currently on offer from WeWork Wellness are free, with some going up to $20. According to Quartz, WeWork has declined to discuss how the pricing or business model will evolve. But gyms and health clubs are a big business—collecting $24.2 billion from Americans in 2014.

Via WeWork Wellness

Via: Quartz