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Futuristic villa frames stunning mountain, sea views in Greece

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It also looks rather like an office staple

modern greek villa All photos by NAARO via Dezeen

It’s gorgeous. It really is—a modern, slope-roofed, grass-covered vacation villa surrounded by verdant olive trees. Designed by architects at London firm LASSA, Villa Ypsilon is a domed beauty integrated into the Grecian landscape, with views of farmland, mountains, and sea.

The 1,600-square-foot home has a concrete shell made of three equidistant arms converging to form a single vault. The lines look futuristic. The grass covering looks earthy. But the home also looks very similar to something else: a conference room phone. That almond-shaped azure swimming pool just needs to be replaced by a keypad and we’ve got one very large polycom.

While it’s possible the designers were unconsciously inspired by the office staple, this visual convergence is more likely caused by similar purposes. The tri-arm polycom aims to capture sounds from a 360-degree space, while the owners of Villa Ypsilon wanted to get the most out of their 360-degree views.

"The axis of the vaulting roofs are specifically aligned with the island of Schitza towards the south and a bucolic village on the mountain towards the east," LASSA architect Theo Sarantoglou Lalis told Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen