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Mahogany camper combines vintage style with modern amenities

The caravan is fully detachable from the truck

The Classic Woodline trailer by Tonke.
All photos courtesy of Tonke

If you’re in the market for a new camper this summer, you’re in luck: An endless array of styles and designs means that the hardest part of buying a trailer or RV will be choosing which one fits you best.

Wooden campers, however, are harder to find. That’s why the Tonke caravans caught our eye. Based in Holland, Tonke creates handcrafted, custom campers that are inspired by vintage cars and the classic Dutch boat builders of the 1930s. The Tonke Classic Silverline looks similar to other RVs or teardrop trailers, but the Classic Woodline uses mahogany to create a gorgeous caravan that’s part off-the-grid adventure van and part sleek wooden wagon.

Tonke’s best-selling model—and the only one available in the United States—is the Classic Woodline Fieldsleeper, the largest design that sets a detachable camper on a Mercedes Sprinter base. The interior is all vintage style, featuring polished brass fittings, teak floors, blue and white coloring, and a sleeping space for two.

The Fieldsleeper also boasts a back door that opens up wide, a dining area, bathroom, and a fridge and kitchen with a gas stove. And all this style doesn’t mean you sacrifice adventure; the units are fully solar powered, boast standard air conditioning, large battery banks, heavy inverters, and large water tanks so you can stay off-the-grid for extended periods of time.

Because the Tonke unit is detachable, it fits in a sea container and can be shipped around the globe. It can also be used without the vehicle as a guest accommodation or tiny home. If you want to try out a Tonke in Holland before you buy, you can rent one through their website, over here.

Prices for the Tonke caravans are available by request, but previous models in 2013 ranged from around $60,000 to $100,000. Check out more photos and a video, below: