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Artist builds wooden giants for ‘sculpture treasure hunt’ near Copenhagen

Made of recycled materials, the whimsical sculptures are meant to attract folks to overlooked natural sites around the city

wooden giants in the woods near Copenhagen All photos by Thomas Dambo via Treehugger

Build it and they will come. At least, that’s the thinking of artist Thomas Dambo, who built half a dozen “Forgotten Giants” to bring more visitors to the woods outside of Copenhagen. The six enormous characters—all made of wood recycled from 600 old palettes, a garden shed, fence, and other odd sources—are the targets of a clever spot-the-giant treasure hunt.

Dambo selected each site to be “in places where you normally wouldn't go, but still in places which you can reach with public transportation or preferably on your bicycle," he told Treehugger. Giant-hunters can find “treasure maps” on Dambo’s website, or follow the enigmatic instructions in poems he’s written on rocks near the sculptures.

Many of the giants are sturdy enough to be climbed—visitors can even crawl into the mouth of Sleeping Louis (who’s napping on a hill) or up into the cupped hands of Hill Top Trine for a view over the plain of Avedøresletten.

Thomas Dambo

Via: Treehugger