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This retro camper trailer was inspired by vintage design

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Happier Camper’s HC1 can sleep up to five people

Small rounded camper trailer with large windows and open hatch-back set in a desert landscape.
Isn’t this just the cutest little camper trailer?
Photos via Happier Camper

A new camper trailer is available for your next adventure, this time by way of Los Angeles-based company Happier Camper. Inspired by vintage trailers, the lightweight HC1 combines classic design elements reminiscent of Volkswagen’s Microbus with modern amenities to create a flexible—and affordable—package that lets you get up and go without a fuss.

Measuring 10’ long by 6’11” wide by 7’4’’ tall, HC1 weighs just 1,100 pounds and can be towed by most vehicles. Basic features include a modular interior by Adaptiv that sleeps up to five people, a large rear hatch, cute wide-entry door with port window, panoramic windows, contoured solar panel, and a 100% bonded fiberglass construction.

But its retro stylings like the classic fenders, vintage marker lights, and color finishes (available in Pacific Blue, Topanga Turquoise, and Mojave Sage, to name a few) are what make the HC1 a delight. Not to mention the numerous layout options that take it from a naked trailer, to one with a toilet and sink, to another that’s all bed. Add-ons are available, too, of course. The base model starts at $18,950. To learn more, head to the Happier Camper website.

Via: Designboom