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Impressive 500-square-foot apartment has everything you need

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It’s located in the heart of Kiev

Shot of a corner of small apartment in which a bedroom is enclosed by two walls of glass. A dining area and living room are set right outside of it. The floors are pale wood and the wall a deep teal.
The bedroom is enclosed by glass, which helps keep the compact space light and airy.
Photos via Design Milk

It’s always fun to take a peek at how the rest of the world does compact apartments. The latest example comes out of Kiev, Ukraine, designed by local firm Martin Architects.

Measuring 45 square meters, or about 484 square feet, the one-bedroom appears to be a converted studio. Two glass walls creates an enclosed sleeping corner, which also comprises a fully glazed on the other side.

This configuration allows the rest of the space to feel light and airy. For privacy, curtains may be drawn within the “bedroom.” Otherwise, the flat functions as one open floorplan.

Pale, wide-plank boards make up the flooring, and walls are painted in a deep teal, or gray accented by teal doors. The street-facing wall is entirely glazed, while a small kitchen and a built-in study occupy a black-painted brick wall.

And even though the flat is by no means spacious, it’s roomy enough to encompass a living area and a dining nook. Not to mention a sleek bathroom.

Via: Design Milk