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Smart lock Friday Lock gets touch of Scandinavian design from Bjarke Ingels Group

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Its shape was inspired by the form of the saddle roof

smart lock Friday Labs

Smart locks are some of the most popular connected home devices hitting the market. And now, Copenhagen and New York-based firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has teamed up with smart home startup Friday Labs to create the Friday Lock--which does everything that other smart locks do, but with the added allure of “Scandinavian design.”

Like other smart locks, the Friday Lock is installed in a front door and paired with your mobile phone so that it unlocks whenever you approach. It also lets you grant temporary access to the likes of dog walkers and Airbnb guests, and you’re alerted any time someone enters or leaves using the lock. Because it’s battery operated, the “shell” of the interior-facing knob lifts off to swap out rechargeable batteries.

BIG’s contribution seems to have been the look of the ridged knob: “Inspired by the architectural principle of the Saddle Roof, making it striking yet ergonomic and a perfect fit for any home,” so goes the description of the lock on the website. Friday claims its product is the smallest retrofit smart lock on the market, ideal for a more subtle look. The shell comes in a range of finishes including steel, bronze, brass, and gun metal. Preorders are open now for $249 per lock, with shipping to come in the next month.

No matter the design, if you’re even considering getting a smart lock for you home, be sure to check out our guide to the pros and cons.

Via: ArchDaily