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Cool cat furniture features bold rug patterns

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A collaboration between Aelfie and Michael Yarinsky

Set of five different cat posts—four wavy vertical ones and one horizontal ramp—made of wood and featuring patterned rugs.
The pieces are meant to look like more than just furniture for cats.
Photo via Michael Yarinsky

Cats have it pretty good. They can squeeze into all manner of spaces, making them the perfect small-space pet. They keep mice away from your local convenience store, and even have their very own furniture design show.

That’s to say nothing of their cool cribs and accoutrements. Now, a new collection of sculptural posts and lookout trees is available for your design-forward feline friends.

Created as a collaboration between Brooklyn-based rug company Aelfie and designer Michael Yarinsky, Yarfie is a series of curving “cat furniture” pieces made from ash plywood and boldly patterned flat weave rugs.

One of the pieces—available in large and small sizes—is shaped in the wave of a cat’s tail and features circular platforms lined with rug material that allow a kitty to move up the post. Another more abstract tree with cutouts features two broader bases for lounging. The third piece is a ramp with three gently sloping hills and a hideout hole.

Aelfie’s geometrically patterned rugs add color and texture to the otherwise simple pieces, and even do double duty as scratching pads. Get a sneak peek at the Odd Experiments show at Cooler Gallery.

Photos via Design Milk

Via: Design Milk