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These prefab dome homes can be installed just about anywhere

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Modern and airy!

prefab dome home All photos via Inhabitat

Modular, prefab, and futuristic-looking, these cute tiny homes could entice just about anyone to say “Dome, sweet dome.” The Slovenian-designed abodes from Smartdome can be plopped on just about any plot of land. The base features adjustable steel legs, which can accommodate uneven terrain, and the configurable design means that the dwelling is relatively easy to disassemble, move, and reassemble. Multiple domes can also be combined together into a connected cluster of spaces.

The frames are made of galvanized steel and timber, with modular panels of transparent polycarbonate for windows or insulated and opaque polycarbonate, wood, or acrylic for walls.

The basic model measures roughly 270 square feet and costs about $22,500. But that’s without a kitchen or bathroom space, or the cost of shipping the dome from the company’s factory in Slovenia.

Via: Inhabitat