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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum gets the Lego treatment

The new set updates the first release from 2009

Shot of miniature model of museum with rotunda structure and adjoining tower made with plastic interlocking bricks.
Here’s your chance to play master architect.
Photos via Target

Here’s your chance to build Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum with your own hands—in miniature, that is. Thanks to Lego, which released an adorable model of the architectural wonder earlier this spring, Wright fans and building enthusiasts alike can assemble a tiny version of the iconic New York institution out of 744 plastic pieces specially designed to capture its curves.

As The Brothers Brick reports, accompanying the set, which has been updated since its first version released in 2009, is an instruction booklet that includes photos of the museum and details about the architect (whose 150th anniversary happens to be next week).

The model also includes an adjoining tan office tower that was part of Wright’s original design but wasn’t built until 1992. Arch and bow bricks make up the swooping lines of the main rotunda and the rounded edges of the base. Even the porthole side windows are represented, as well as little taxis—rendered as two yellow bricks each—and other street details. All of this is available for $79.99. Get building.

Via: WowHaus