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Safari Condo reinvents the teardrop with an electric pop-up roof

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Get ready to stand tall

The Safari Alto R Series Trailer, featuring a pop-up roof.
All photos courtesy of Safari Condo

Teardrop trailers aren’t known for their head space. Although some boast pull-out kitchens and huge windows built for stargazing, even the best models come up short if you want to stand tall.

Not so with the Alto R Series Trailer. Made by Canadian-based Safari Condo, the Alto is an ultra-light travel trailer that has an exterior height of only 83.5 inches, allowing it to fit easily in a garage. But the seamless aluminum roof pops up electronically to reveal 7 feet of interior space.

Once in the up position, the Alto R Series reveals crescent-shaped windows made with tinted tempered glass, flooding the camper with light. Inside there are two available dining areas—a two-seat and a five-seat dinette—and both dining areas convert to sleeping quarters with room for 3-4 people.

Cabinets and a kitchen allow campers to cook, clean, and store everything you’d need. The camper also comes with a fixed flush toilet and an interior shower with curtain. That’s a lot of features in a compact space, and the aerodynamic drag coefficient is 75 percent lower than that of a traditional 16-foot travel trailer.

The campers sell directly in the USA from the factory and cost $28,275.