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Retro turntable combines vintage style, wireless flexibility

A high-design option for audiophiles

Lovers of all things vintage often feel like they have to sacrifice style for the benefits and amenities of new technology. But a new turntable launched on Kickstarter by Japanese designers HYM Originals aims to make music aficionados swoon with a high-tech turntable that combines wireless streaming with the awesomeness—and aesthetic—of vinyl.

The Seed Turntable bills itself as an all-in-one turntable system that integrates fidelity sound and 70W output by placing the turntable atop the speaker housing. A shock absorber helps prevent irritating vibrations no matter the volume and inside the housing Seed boasts two 1” tweeter, two 4” woofer drivers, and a built-in amplifier.

In addition to its sleek mid-century styling, Seed comes with high-end speakers that can play both analog and digital formats from Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and the internet. The system can also connect to other audio systems via RCA, SPDIF, and AUX in/output to form the core of a larger home theater system.

The turntable is currently available with early-bird pricing on Kickstarter for $409 and the first units will be delivered in August 2017. Check out the video below for more.