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Tallest wooden tower in the U.S. gets green light

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The country’s new age of timber construction is here

rendering of wooden high-rise LEVER Architecture via Architectural Record

Timber construction is a hot new (and old) trend promising sustainable, affordable buildings without sacrificing beauty or strength. While the movement started in Europe, it’s fast spreading to the U.S.

Just last week, the country’s most ambitious timber construction project—named Framework—was given the green light, receiving its building permit following a number of safety and structural tests. When finished, the 145-foot-tall tower in Portland, Oregon, will be the tallest wooden high-rise in the U.S. Designed by LEVER Architecture, the 90,000-square-foot building will house office space, retail, and sixty units of affordable housing.

Framework’s anti-earthquake “rocking wall”
LEVER Architecture via Architectural Record

The building is one of two winners sharing the $3 million U.S. Tall Wood Building Prize—a competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Softwood Lumber Board, and the Binational Softwood Lumber Council. The building’s design features cross-laminated and glued laminated timber in addition to a novel anti-earthquake core made of vertical CLT panels and post-tensioned cables.

Construction is scheduled to kickoff in the fall of 2017 and be finished by the winter of 2018.

Structural tests of the CLT wall panels at Oregon State University
LEVER Architecture via Architectural Record

Via: Arch Record