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Japanese home, colorful and angle-loving, is a kaleidoscopic delight

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The clever designers at Kochi Architect’s Studio are at it again

Kaleidoscopic home in Japan Via Designboom

For folks unfamiliar with the trippy optics of Kochi Architect’s Studio, looking at an image of the firm’s Ana House can be befuddling. Is that yellow slice a wall or a void? Does everyone hit their heads on that low-angled door? It it even a door? But the architects at the Tokyo firm are masters of cleverly arranged interiors, often with cut-away volumes and vibrant, asymmetric planes of plywood hidden behind bland exteriors.

For the firm’s latest project in the suburbs of Tokyo, a lack of space inspired the architects to deploy their signature cut-away interior to create new sight lines that make the home feel much more expansive. Seven distinct wall colors were used to visually distinguish each “room” among the facets of this modern gem. The aim was to generate visual interest from any viewpoint in the home—and it works.

The strong diagonal lines of the central dining room connect it to a set of adjacent areas including a kitchen, pantry, bathroom, library, and stairway to the second floor bedrooms. Windows cut near the ceiling of the dining room give off onto the hall and the pink and white rooms above.

Via: Designboom