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Studio Job’s new collection blurs the line between art and function

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But is it art?

Antwerp and Amsterdam-based design firm Studio Job has released a new collection of limited-edition pieces for Italian furniture company Gufram that blurs the line between art and furniture.

A coffee table is formed by a golden pot, which makes up the base, and a billow of white smoke that functions as the stem and the tabletop. (This piece is a version of the Train Crash Table, which depicts two trains crashing head on and their respective clouds of steam coming together to form the top of the table.)

Other works include a freestanding cabinet with a moon set between the doors, a punching bag made up of a veneer of bricks, a room divider made from exaggerated panels of wood grain, a spinning globe, and a cartoon-like cactus planted in a golden pot.

Definitely statement and conversation pieces, these designs, if you’re fortunate enough to nab one, will surely stand out in your home (or your art collection).

Via: Dezeen