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Tiny house GIF shows how to build one from scratch

So you want to DIY a tiny house?

tiny house interior
Inside the Hikari Box, a tiny house design available through PAD.
PAD Tiny Houses

While we love to share awesome tiny houses you can order directly from builders, some folks might prefer to roll up their sleeves and build the whole thing themselves. After all, DIY design and construction offers the most customization in terms of layouts, amenities, and finishes—all based on your budget and needs.

Portland, Oregon’s PAD Tiny Houses focuses specifically on helping out so-called “DIYers,” selling building plans for more than half a dozen tiny house designs, including the fabulous “Hikari Box” model with 14 windows and the industrial-chic “Bunk Box,” both from local builder Shelterwise. Now, they’ve published a neat resource for people who want to design their own tiny house, either from scratch or by modifying existing plans.

The coolest part? A GIF created by Jake from Tiny Nest Project, which shows how to put together the “Cider Box” tiny house step by step on the 3D modeling software SketchUp. This SketchUp model actually now comes with the plans for the Cider Box, so customers can easily alter the design—from colors and finishes to the framing itself—and get a sense of how the changes will look.

Head here for the full resource. And for a more in-depth look at how you can design a tiny house on SketchUp, watch the video below.