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Tiny houses for rent let you escape to scenic pockets of Australia

Five locations are expected to roll out by the end of the year

tiny house in olive grove
The first Shacky location, in an olive grove in Northeastern Victoria.
Courtesy Shacky

Shacky, a new startup launching in Australia is like Airbnb meets Getaway (which, you might remember, offers tiny house nature retreats near U.S. cities). While Getaway and other tiny home “hotels” typically host several small houses on one piece of land, Shacky is all about finding unique sites for each dwelling, giving guests access to some of the most beautiful and unplugged locales in the Australian countryside.

To this end, the company partners with property owners (“hosts”) who will be responsible for maintaining Shacky houses between stays and welcoming guests in exchange for some alternative income. A 1,500-acre cattle farm and bushland full of wildlife are just a few of the sites Shacky is teasing on its website. Five locations are expected to roll out by the end of the year, with the first already up and running in northeastern Victoria.

Set on a tranquil olive grove, owned by a pair of retirees and home to flocks of sheep and alpaca, the first bookable Shacky looks a bit quirkier than the tiny houses we’re used to. This sloped-roof dwelling features an assortment of wooden detailing from the inside out, plus expansive windows and a small front deck.

The interior is outfitted in a more familiar pared-back modern look, and comes equipped with a Queen-sized bed, small stove, mini bridge, and bathroom with toilet, shower, and biodegradable toiletries. The solar-powered abode is renting for $199 a night on weekdays and $249 a night on weekends.