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Home renovation adds a curving roof to let in light

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modern Aussie house with lifted roof Tatjana Plitt via Ben Callery Architects

This home extension in Melbourne was initially a tricky ask. The client wanted something modern and bright, but the addition would have to be nestled between the boundary walls of neighbors, with a less-than-optimal north-facing orientation and a historically protected facade that can’t be altered. In short: Getting natural light into the space would take more than a little clever maneuvering on the part of Ben Callery Architects.

To bring precious sunlight into the space, the designers raised the roof, placing it atop clerestory windows on all four sides of the addition. To get the advantage of a warming southern sun in winter, the architect extended the clerestory panes on the southern side, peeling up the roofline into an elegant curve above the kitchen. That wide window does wonders for the space, filling it with light and creating a sense of expansiveness.

The interior has a minimal materials palette including bright white walls, natural wood floors and cabinets, and jet black window mullions and built-in storage. The result is a considered balance of black and white that draws the eye around the room. The rear wall of the space is almost entirely made of glass doors which can fully open, seamlessly extending the space into the backyard’s sunken seating area. Paradise!

Via: Contemporist