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Welsh island for rent comes with a historic farmhouse

You can take out a 20-year lease at $640 a month so long as you renovate the island’s stone farmhouse

Welsh island for rent Strutt & Parker

If you’re on the hunt for a solitary retreat from the modern world, you couldn’t do better than Ynys Giftan, a ruggedly beautiful spot off the coast of Wales. The 17.74-acre tidal island is being offered for a monthly rent of just £500 ($640) for a 20-year lease, according to The Spaces. The catch? You’d have to renovate a historic stone farmhouse on the property.

The building has been uninhabited for several years, and photos show that its windows are broken, leaving it open to the ravages of the elements. Looks like a gut job. Or, as the listing calls it, “an exciting restoration project.” The home has two floors with a pair of living rooms, a kitchen, and bathroom on the lower floor, plus an ensuite bedroom above.

In the early 1700s, the island was made a gift from Queen Anne to the ancestor of its current owner, the estate of Lord Harlech—Ynys Giftan is Welsh for Anne’s Gift Island.

The island is just one of 43 unbridged tidal islands in Britain. At high tide, it is accessible by boat, but when the tide is out, you can cross the estuary on foot or by tractor. The island is near the village of Talsarnau, about three miles from the town of Harlech, and ten miles from the town of Porthmadog.

Via: The Spaces