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Prefab 'Kiss House,' designed to passive house standards, is taking orders

The award-winning design arrives flatpack

prefab house passivhaus
Sandpath house completed in 2014.
All photos via New Atlas

Kiss houses, a new prefab offering on the scene stands out with a few things: passive house certification, larger sizes (it’s offered in two-, three-, four-bedroom models), and a design that once won the honor of being the “Best House in the U.K. (up to 2,500 square feet).”

Oxford-based architect Adrian James, who completed the popular original “Sandpath House” in 2014, partnered with Passivhaus specialist Mike Jacob of Trunk to turn the sleek, two-story design into a replicable prefab. Constructed sustainably using cross-laminated timber (CLT), Kiss houses ship flatpack to anywhere in the world and can be assembled in three to four days.

The interior is open plan, with the living area and modern kitchen on the ground floor, and bedrooms on the upper level. Customers can customize the specific floor plan, as well as cladding, with options ranging from traditional brick to metal and timber. The two-bedroom model comes in at 861 square feet, the three-bedroom at 1,335 square feet, and the four-bedroom at 1,500 square feet.

Pricing details are not available on the website, since they’ll heavily depend on custom finishes. But the company does plan on introducing a shell version sans finishes later this year, which should come with a more straightforward price. In any case, these pictures of the original Sandpath House alone suggest a more premium product. New Atlas has reported a U.K. price guide of approximately £2,000 ($2,550) per square meter.

Via: New Atlas