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Tentrr makes camping easy with furnished campsites

The crowd-free campsites are on private land

furnished campsites
The Meadow Lark campsite—available for rent on Tentrr for $135 per night—is located in Big Indian, New York.
All photos courtesy of Tentrr

There’s an app for everything these days, and one of the latest industries to get the tech makeover is camping. Tentrr is a free iPhone app that makes camping easier by letting users find and book private campsites close to major cities.

It’s a like the Airbnb or Uber of camping, connecting private landowners with campers—many of whom have never camped before. Each Tentrr site has a standard format: expedition tents set on wooden decks, Brazilian wood picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and sun showers.

You can also expect everything you’d need to have a good time, plus a few luxuries. The tents are equipped with air mattresses and featherbed toppers, while outside the company provides portable camping toilets, fire pits, cookware, and grills.

Each campsite sits on 15 acres or more, and because Tentrr works with landowners, you’ll have much more privacy than what’s typical at National Parks or group campsites. Most landowners have plenty of property to share, and Tentrr ensures that campsites are located in picturesque locales full of hiking and biking trails or swimming spots.

The camp at Griffin Mountain Lookout in Hobart, New York rents for $100 per night.
All photos courtesy of Tentrr

Each tent keeper pays a one-time, $1,500 membership fee to join, which covers the setup of their site. Campers pay a 15 percent booking fee, and some of the profit goes back to the landowners.

Tentrr is more expensive than normal campsites at an average price of $127 per night, but don’t let that deter you. Friends are welcome and the campsites hold anywhere from 4 to 12 campers per site. Throw in the included equipment—and privacy—and it’s an enticing deal.

Currently, Tentrr has 75 campsites available to book through New York’s Catskills and Hudson Valley, but the company is expanding rapidly. Another 100 sites will be online by July 4, including a 50-site expansion into the Pacific Northwest. Eventually, the company hopes to have campsites near every major metropolitan area.

The camp at Three Whiskers, located in Delhi, New York.
All photos courtesy of Tentrr