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Midcentury Modern Homes + Interiors, a Facebook group for MCM obsessives

Come join the (midcentury modern) party!

An Eichler-built home in Palo Alto, California.
Photograph by Daniel Dent.

It’s no secret that we love midcentury modern architecture and interiors here at Curbed—houses, especially. We regularly write up modern time capsules that just hit the market and pay House Calls to folks living in beautiful MCM homes around the country.

And we know you love these houses, too. Across all our sites, our Facebook pages, and even our Instagram, you’ve made midcentury modern homes one of the most popular and beloved things we cover. But outside of our comments section, we haven’t really had a place to gush over all these homes—until now.

We’ve created a Facebook group just for that purpose. And no, it’s not about Curbed (though our editors will log on occasionally to gab); it’s just about midcentury modern houses.

We know there are plenty of other places to find midcentury inspiration on the internet: Facebook alone hosts groups devoted to the midcentury modern aesthetic, houses on the market around the world, and even regional groups for buying and selling midcentury modern furniture.

There are hashtags on Instagram (#midcenturyhome is best, JIC you were wondering) and now-defunct Tumblrs filled with vintage ads and architectural images, but until today, there wasn’t a dedicated place just for the gorgeous American houses and iconic interiors from the mid-20th century.

So this group aims to fill that void. Think of Midcentury Modern Houses and Interiors as your go-to for everything from inquiring about the architect of your favorite midcentury home to raving over the house you just found while surfing Zillow.

We’ll be posting things that inspire us daily—interesting articles, gifs, and video from all over the internet—but let’s be clear: this is about you! This group is a two-way radio, not a megaphone.

All you need to do is request to join, and we’ll open the midcentury flood gates!