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Rhinowolf’s modular tents zip together for easy group camping

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Each comes with a built-in air mattress and sleeping bag

modular tent RhinoWolf

It’s a camping conundrum: pack a single tent for a shelter of your own or a larger one for hosting multiple friends? The single option provides more privacy and less weight. The larger option offers more space to socialize. But the new modular RhinoWolf tent system doesn’t make you choose—that is, if you can convince all your camping buddies to get one, too.

RhinoWolf tents were designed to zip together into larger structures, so that you could camp solo or in a group. Each tent also comes with a built-in air mattress and sleeping bag, further reducing the amount of gear you need to pack. Bulk-conscious campers will be interested to know that the RhinoWolf weighs just 5.5 pounds.

The tent was designed to have a single-spine support system, making it easy to set up. The fabric is a thick nylon with silicon on both sides. It’s wind proof and rain proof, and comes with a mosquito net.

The concept is a good one—like zipping two sleeping bags together to make a double bag. It’s certainly more practical than this X-shaped tent design. Rhinowolf is currently fundraising for production on Indiegogo, with a single tent starting at $179. Watch the company’s moderately entertaining promo video below:

Via: Designboom, Indiegogo