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These naval forts are now luxury hotels

No Man’s Fort and Spitbank Fort are located off the coast of Portsmouth Harbour in England

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing on an old naval fortress in the middle of the water? Didn’t know it was an option? Well, thanks to a massive makeover, two historic forts in the Solent, a strait near the Portsmouth Harbour in Hampshire, England, are now luxury hotels.

No Man’s Fort and Spitbank Fort were originally created to defend Britain’s coast against the perceived threat of a French invasion. Completed in the early 1880s and deployed in both World Wars, they now offer a very different service. Once equipped with guns, they are now loaded with amenities.

No Man’s Fort, the larger of the two, boasts 22 luxurious rooms and suites—including a four-story lighthouse penthouse—glass-roof atrium, rooftop mini-golf, laser tag, and two helipads. The smaller Spitbank Fork features nine suites, while a third fort, Horse Sand Fort, is a museum showcasing 100 original chambers and living quarters, gun carriages, and armor-plated walls.