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Funky waterfront home inspired by sand dollar wants $1.2M

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The architect John Covert Watson was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright

Shot of circular white home topped with roof that looks like a sand dollar. It perches on a wooded bluff.
The unique home was built in 1979 by John Covert Watson.
Photos via HAR

This unique “sand dollar” residence is quite something. Designed by John Covert Watson, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright’s while the Guggenheim museum was being built, the waterfront home is an example of the Austin-based architect’s interest in organic architecture.

Sharing characteristics with this house in Austin that he also designed, the circular three-bedroom features a round top, curving walls, and sculptural interiors clearly inspired by not only the sand dollar, but other sea shells as well.

The 1979 abode perches on a wooded bluff along the Colorado River by Lake Travis and takes advantage of its sweeping views by way of expansive windows and multiple, outwardly protruding balconies. Its two-story height (and 2,240 square footage) further boosts the dwelling’s vantage point, which enjoys stunning sunsets all year round.

Though details are slim, it was apparently built for an artist known as Eugenia Hunt, and the listing hints that stories about the building process are “legendary.” Alas, if only these swooping walls could talk! Located at 819 Mariner in Lakeway, it’s yours for $1,175,000.

Via: HAR, Estately