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New paper model kit lets you toy with Constructivism

No glue or scissors required

paper model kit on Constructivism Courtesy of Zupagrafika

Known for their marvelous Brutalist London paper model kit, the designers at Zupagrafika are at it again. Their latest creation is an homage to Constructivism—the socially-oriented artistic and architectural philosophy championed by Vladimir Tatlin and other artists in Russia in the early 20th century.

The new paper kit includes four die-cut “cardboard comrades”—playful interpretations of iconic constructivist buildings like the Melnikov House, Kirov Town Hall, and Nikolaev`s House.

The kit was designed to be a little more child-friendly in the hopes that adults and kids will use it to engage with Constructivist ideas, forms, and colors—in addition to exercising their spatial imaginations. The paper models don’t require glue or scissors for assembly, and the instructions are easy to follow. The kit also includes a short, informative note on Constructivism and images of the real-life buildings that inspired the paper ones.

The kit costs €17 (about $20) and can be ordered directly from Zupagrafika.

Via: Zupagrafika