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Home extension looks like stack of giant shoeboxes

But cool

house of stacked boxes Photos by Tomaz Gregoric via Dezeen

Slovenia firm OFIS Arhitekti has designed everything from a tiny climber refuge to Belarus’ pythonesque soccer stadium. Their latest project—a sleek three-story addition to a 1930s home—carries many of the firm’s hallmarks, from its black-paneled exterior to an open interior filled with pale blonde wood.

The the three stacked “shoeboxes” of the extension were inspired by the proportions of the original home, built in 1934 by architect Emil Navinsek for his sisters. The three added volumes were placed with the lower and upper stories perpendicular to the old house, and the middle story parallel—forming a series of overhangs and terraces, as well as connecting the top floor’s master suite to a roof garden atop the original structure.

The interior is modern and open, with built-in furniture platforms supporting the couch and coffee table. The wood flooring is also used for the stairway, which rises sculpture-like to the second floor bedrooms and study. See the full gallery on Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen