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Incredible Joshua Tree home on 225 acres asks $4.5M

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Mojave Rock Ranch was created as a labor of love over two decades

Exterior view of cactus-lined dirth path leading to a stone house in desert landscape.
Mojave Rock Ranch was created as a labor of love over two decades.
Photos courtesy of HOM Sotheby’s International Realty

Mojave Rock Ranch nestles among 225 incredible acres in Joshua Tree, California, where a small stone house, various outdoor spaces, and a pool cluster around what can only be described as gorgeous desert landscaping incorporating thousands of cacti. In fact, the first thing you see is the flora, which leads you through the wild grounds—and makes you pause to think whether it isn’t a shrine to those strange succulents after all.

The landscaping (and the rest of the property) is the work of its current owners, Gino Dreese and Troy Williams, who transformed the retreat over two decades, during which they traveled the world and brought back boulders, glass, and other treasures to literally build their dream home.

Stone walls speckled with colored glass and accented with colorful tiles and other whimsical details come together to create an eclectic yet elegant atmosphere both inside and out, where a Wild West jail cell, lily ponds, helipad, multiple patios and decks, various outbuildings, a museum, and breathtaking panoramic views round out the property.

Just an hour outside of Palm Springs, the one-bedroom-one-bath, originally a homestead cabin from the 1950s, is now up for sale. Located at 2015 Sunfair Road, it’s offered at $4.5 million. Mojave Rock Ranch might just give the proprietors of this cool pop-up shop a run for their cactus-living money. Perhaps they can join forces?

Courtesy of HOM Sotheby’s International Realty