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Starbucks to open first tatami-style cafe in Kyoto

A historic Japanese townhouse has been renovated into a new home for frappuccinos and espresso

traditional starbucks in kyoto Starbucks via Spoon & Tamago

After setting up shop in roughly 1,100 locations across Japan, Starbucks is trying something new. And old. The coffee chain, no stranger to store design experiments, is opening a new cafe in Kyoto and it will be the first Starbucks location to be outfitted with a traditional, tatami-style interior. Taking over a renovated kyōmachiya townhouse on a historic street near one of Kyoto’s most popular temples, the building has had many of its original historic details restored, according to Spoon & Tamago.

At the entrance, a noren door curtain is printed with the Starbucks mermaid. The first floor contains a relatively standard-looking bar counter with massive branded espresso machines at the ready. No surprise if that glowing bar counter was inspired by a paper lantern. And a mural at the back of the wall looks like it was inspired by Japanese gold-leaf painted screens. The first floor also has three open courtyards with gardens featuring tsukubai water basins.

The second floor houses three platform rooms lined with tatami mats. Guests will have to remove their shoes to sit on cushions in the mat area.

The new Starbucks opens on June 30th.

Via: Spoon & Tamago