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Home goods from The Bright Angle are handmade with a high-tech twist

The studio mixes 3D design and printing with centuries-old ceramic production techniques

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small-batch handmade ceramics All photos courtesy of The Bright Angle

When it comes to home goods, 3D printing is usually invoked for on-demand objects and customized designs. But for the Asheville, North Carolina-based ceramicists of The Bright Angle, 3D printing is just one step in the process of crafting small-batch minimalist handmade goods. The studio recently Kickstarted its first collection, raising more than $31,000.

Local artists created each design, which was iterated and refined before being modeled in CAD. The digital rendering for each object was then 3D printed and used to make molds for porcelain. Each object is poured, finished, and glazed by hand.

“We want to share the joys of using things made by hand, to contradict disposable culture,” says founder and CEO Nick Moen. “We want you to connect to the maker of your belongings.” These pastel-perfect objects from The Bright Angle can be pre-ordered here, with prices ranging from $20 to $200.

Via: Kickstarter