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Cheerful São Paulo apartment doesn't shy away from colors, patterns

Colors, patterns, and personal artifacts come together in surprising and charming ways

View of large, sunny living room painted white except for a bright pink picture wall at one end by the dining table.
The bright pink picture wall is the centerpiece of the living room.
Photos by Fran Parente via Yatzer

The São Paulo family apartment of Brazilian jewelry designer Brenda Vidal is a jewel box of sorts in and of itself. Recently renovated by RSRG Architects and designed by Ana Strumpf, the sunny home is characterized by colors and patterns that come together in surprising—and charming—ways.

And while the home is filled with all manner of furniture styles, artwork, and personal artifacts, it never feels precious. In fact, the space seems to encourage that life be lived to the fullest within its bedecked walls.

Each room is distinguished by a color scheme by way of a bright paint or patterned wallpaper (or both). The walls of the expansive main living room are white or otherwise windowed and draped except for a picture gallery wall that is painted a bright pink.

Here, where the dining table is positioned, paintings and other pieces are hung in pleasant contrast to—and never get lost against—the delicious hue. Even the thrown-togetherness of the furniture—the black and white sofa with mismatched cushions, large white sofa, leather armchairs, plus the loud, floral corner chair—works well.

Off this space is Vidal’s study, where a gallery wall is painted a sea-foam green, and the adjacent wall is papered in a pattern of foliage in a matching color. In the child’s room, the bottom half of one wall is painted a coral, while the other is papered in a pattern of vintage postcards and flower illustrations.

Another bedroom is painted a light blue, and yet another papered in a neutral-toned pattern of roses. The botanic theme is continued in the foyer, where a pattern of spindly tree trunks adorns the walls.

For those looking to add a touch of color or two to your homes, may this apartment be your guiding light. It’s okay to go bold as long as you mean it.

Via: Yatzer