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Mobile ice cream shop sports a facade of 1,000 cones

That’s one sweet store

spiky ice cream shop Patryk Lewiński for mode:lina

This mobile sweets shop in Poznań, Poland is serious about its cones. Inspired by the conical shape of an ice cream cone, the store’s architects covered its facade with 1,000 white traffic cones. Mode:lina architekci—known for creating small, modular high-impact spaces—used the spiky exterior to eye-catching effect. Parts of the structure not covered in cones are mainly large glass windows that give passersby a peek into the sweet interior.

“Both the triangles and the shape of a sport cone further connect with the letter V in LODOVNIA’s logo, which makes the architectural result consistent with the ice cream shop’s visual identity system,” wrote Mode:lina.

Inside, the geometry of triangles is everywhere from bold diagonals of black and white to the triangular frames of the ice cream cone art on the walls. The shop’s dominant black-and-white color palette is softened by the use of natural plywood for the service counter and rear wall.

The shop is small—less than 400 square feet—but packs a punch in style.

Via: Inhabitat