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French camper expands to 3 times its size in seconds

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The telescoping design is a game changer

The expandable Beauer 3X camper trailer.
Courtesy of Beauer

Campers can do many things these days—like haul lots of gear or take you off the grid for weeks—but most are limited by their size. The compactness of teardrop trailers or popup campers can be a deterrent for anyone looking for a bit of breathing room. The French company Beauer is working to change that.

Originally conceived in 2009, the Beauer 3X trailer is an expandable caravan that triples in size thanks to its telescoping design. When closed, the trailer measures a manageable 20 feet long for easy towing and all doors and windows are sealed making it safe from intruders. Use the electrical key and the camper expands to 130 square feet of living space in just 20 seconds.

The technology works by deploying three modules horizontally, something that looks like three nesting cans. In the folded position the furniture fits inside each other, but expand the trailer and you get a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room. The efficient design allows for a double bed, large dining table, and a kitchen with a two-burner stove, fridge, sink, and storage. The sofa even converts into a double bed to sleep your friends.

If the Beauer 3X trailer has any drawbacks, it might be the small bathroom, which is essentially a cassette toilet with an all-in one sink-shower system. But most similarly sized campers lack a bathroom altogether, making the Beauer an attractive choice for potential buyers in need of an indoor toilet.

The Beauer 3X trailer will start at $33,000 and will be available in 2018 in an array of bright colors. Beauer told us by email they are starting sales in France and Europe, but haven’t decided on retailers and release dates for distribution in the United States.

The company also has plans to use similar technology on a Volkswagen van that will debut in 2018 and cost $52,000. Head over here for more and check out this video, below:

The kitchen and dining room of the Beauer 3X trailer.
All photos courtesy of Beauer
A slightly different configuration of the Beauer interior.
All photos courtesy of Beauer
All photos courtesy of Beauer
All photos courtesy of Beauer
All photos courtesy of Beauer