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This school bus conversion may be the most impressive one yet

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You never knew a school bus home could look this good

Screenshot from Living Big in a Tiny House

We’ve seen our fair share of A+ school bus conversions, from this sleek white solar-powered number to a plywood-covered transformer, and one that cost just $8,500 to fix up. But the tricked-out school bus home of Luke and Rachel Davis makes the others look like child’s play.

The couple—who blogs about their lifestyle at Midwest Wanderers—took a year and a half to transform an old $4,000 bus into their dream home. They raised the roof by 24 inches, then added skylights, windows, a bathroom, and two beds. Rachel is a former baker, and required a large kitchen including a full-sized, four-burner stove.

Midwest Wanderers

The living room has a couch that converts into a bed if they have guests and contains storage underneath. There’s also an expandable dining table and a small cast iron stove. The master bedroom is essentially a loft above the bed of their daughter, Charlotte.

The bed loft. The stairs serve as functional storage and Charlottes bed is below ours

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That taller ceiling and finishing touches like the bamboo floors and reclaimed barn wood accents make the bus feel homey and higher end. The entire renovation cost about $30,000.

The mobile home can go off-grid for up to two weeks thanks to its solar panels, and 100-gallon fresh water and propane tanks.

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