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AR Measure turns your phone into a virtual measuring tape

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Never be without a ruler ever again

Screengrab of digital ruler displayed beside a real measuring tape and measurements displayed on left hand of screen.
AR Measure turns your phone into a virtual measuring tape.
Screengrab via YouTube

If this digital measuring tape is any indication of the practical future of augmented reality, then there’s a lot to look forward to.

Called AR Measure and developed by Laan Labs, the coming-soon iOS app turns any iPhone or iPad into a virtual ruler that can measure just about anything (within reason, of course).

Simply point your device at an object, and the app will harness the power of augmented reality to measure the distance between two points in a three-dimensional space using the phone’s built-in camera, even drawing a ruler on screen that unfurls in real time like a measuring tape.

AR Measure was made possible in part by Apple’s new ARKit framework that allows developers to create augmented reality experiences for iPhones and iPads using Visual Inertial Odometry and data from the camera sensor and CoreMotion to plot points in space.

Watch the video below to see the app in action. For now, it seems that measuring household items is the most practical use of the AR Measure, but who knows, the world is, after all, your oyster.

Via: Archinect