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Rattan office chair combines sustainability with good looks

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Would you use this in your office?

Side by side image of curved rattan chair with cushion beside a desk and a closeup up the backrest.
The Gandia is flexible and elegant.
Photos via Dezeen

Office chairs are rarely as elegant as they are ergonomic and comfortable, so Royal College of Arts graduate and designer Andrea Mestre set out to address that issue—along with the question of sustainability.

Her solution is the Gandia, a “dynamic” chair made from rattan cane that allows the user to move and stretch within it. Formed by several bent pieces of the flexible palm plant, the office seating combines a rounded and reclining backrest attached to the frame by way of a pivot joint, a seat that glides forward and backward in response, and curved arm rests. It’s the material’s flexibility that allows Mestre to cut back on the use of complicated mechanisms and engineered plastics.

Gandia was conceived as a response to a demand for “less technical office furniture” that “blends within the environment, born out of the blurring between home and work life.” Calling to mind Marcel Breuer’s Cesca chairs and other traditional lounge chairs made from the same material, Gandia appears both homey and design-forward. Now who wouldn’t want that in their office?

Via: Dezeen