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Fixer Upper’s ‘tiny house’ wants nearly $1 million

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It’s one of two original shotgun style houses left in Waco, Texas

Shotgun house in Waco, Texas Photos by Carol Embry/Picture it Sold Waco

Remember “Barndominium,” the barn that became an industrial-farmhouse-chic home on Fixer Upper and then hit the market for a whopping $1.2 million? Well, it still hasn’t sold, and already there’s another Fixer Upper property hoping to cash in on its television fame.

Originally purchased for $28,000 pre-Fixer-Upper-makeover, this one-bedroom shotgun house is now asking almost $1 million in Waco, Texas, where the median home price is only around $200,000. The markup is jarring for sure, but the roughly 1,000-square-foot property is cute, complete with a front porch, 25-foot ceilings, loft area, pine wood floors, a turquoise Smeg fridge, and that whole comfortably-stylish Joanna Gaines look. (Not included? The Airstream in the backyard.)

Perhaps more importantly, it’s prime real estate in Fixer Upper Land: The Gaineses’ home goods store, Magnolia Market, is just a five-minute walk away. Not surprisingly, the homeowners have been using the house as a short-term rental property with a nightly rate of $325 and an occupancy rate of over 90 percent, according to Realtor. Perhaps the math works out to a worthy investment? (Though Realtor has crunched the numbers and the answer seems to be hardly, unless there’s a healthy discount.)

Via: Realtor