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Hammocraft turns a hammock into a raft

Lakes never looked so relaxing

The Hammocraft floats on two stand up paddle boards.
Courtesy of the Hammocraft Kickstarter page

If you’ve ever wanted to float in a hammock on water—and let’s be honest, doesn’t that sound lovely?—a company called Hammocraft has figured out a way to live your dreams.

The Hammocraft is a lightweight aluminum frame that sits on whatever strikes your fancy: land, kayaks, even stand up paddle boards. The simple design hooks up five hammocks that can hold up to 800 pounds of total weight, and an easy-to-hang system lets you adjust the hammocks and disconnect them easily in case you end up in the water.

At 59 pounds by itself, the Hammocraft frame isn’t meant for backpacking. But the expensive $895 price tag comes with a ski bag for the frame and duffel bag made with durable water-resistant fabric for hauling. You also get 4 cinch straps with zinc plated cam buckles that attach to the frame of paddle boards or kayaks.

This means that you can hammock down a river or across a lake (yes, hammock just became a verb). But be warned, the Hammocraft is best used in calm waters.

Check out the promo video, below: