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London gas station gets vibrant, Instagrammable makeover

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Ah, the magic of murals

abandoned gas station transformed through murals Photos by Jamie McGregor Smith via The Spaces

When it comes to placemaking, there’s no denying the power of paint. The latest proof is a once-derelict gas station in the White City area of London. The site was recently transformed by rainbow-hued murals into an Instagram-worthy art installation.

The temporary environmental artwork is the brainchild of transatlantic art duo Craig & Karl, known for collaborating on brightly-hued graphic illustrations and installations. Craig Redman and Karl Maier named the gas station work Here After, as a reference to the site’s “second coming.”

“We view this project as the petrol station’s second life, or ‘wonder years’, which led us to use the words ‘Here After’ as a reference to heaven or utopia,” they said. “Now that the petrol station has fulfilled its duty, so to speak, it’s free to enjoy itself.”

Because the site is located near the buildings that once housed the BBC’s HQ and ‘media village,’ the artists drew inspiration from television history. Their design’s bold stripes and vivid colors were taken from the television test patterns used in early broadcasts.

The White City area is slated for a decade-long, $10-billion regeneration scheme, including yet another transformation of the gas station—into a performing arts venue.

Via: The Spaces