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‘Eyebombing’ transforms crumbling streetscapes in Bulgaria

Googly eyes provide a new perspective on unsightly architecture

googly eyes transform streetscapes Vanyu Krastev

Sometimes, ugly architecture just needs a fresh set of eyes. Googly eyes, that is. Bulgarian photographer Vanyu Krastev is recontextualizing architectural details through “eyebombing”—the act of adding googly eyes to inanimate objects. The technique plays off of our innate tendency to anthropomorphize anything with a set of peepers. And the results are hilarious.

For the past two years, Krastev has added eyes to everything from broken bollards to sewer covers and disjointed pipes, documenting it all on his blog, Eyebombing Bulgaria. He hopes that the practice will catch on with others who want to add delight and interest to streetscapes using well-placed googly eyes.

"I bought a few of these plastic eyes and decided to try it in Sofia. I noticed no one had done it before (in Bulgaria) and I went from there," Krastev said.

"The more eyes I stuck on things, the better I became. I got a sort of flair for it. Nowadays, I don't even need to go on a specific 'eydbombing hunt' around Sofia. The little creatures just kind of pop out all around me."

Via: Mashable