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5 affordable modern prefab houses you can buy right now

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Sleek options for reasonable prices

A grey house with a flat roof. There are three stairs leading up to the entrance of the house.
Another example of the C6 series by LivingHomes.

There's no shortage of impressive new prefab home designs out there these days. Some of them, however, (looking at you, Phillip Starck-designed eco-villa and ultra-luxe Vipp shelter) seem to defeat the romance of a cost-effective modern prefab, each asking upwards of half-a-million dollars for the basic model. To keep the prefab dream alive, here are some relatively affordable options that don't sacrifice style—one can even withstand a Category 5 hurricane, now that's priceless.

The models listed below, which all come furnished and mostly starting at below $150,000. Costs associated with land, permits, transport, foundation, installation, etc. are not included. Know any other great prefab options? Please share in the comments.

C6 series by LivingHomes

A tan house with a flat roof and panels on the walls. There are a row of orange flowers in planters in front of the house.
The interior of a living area. There is a brown leather couch with pillows. There is a dining area with a table and chairs. There are two armchairs. The windows along the wall are floor to ceiling and look out onto a yard.
A kitchen area with counters, stools, a table, chairs, refrigerator, and wood cabinetry. Living Homes
A bedroom with a bed that has a mauve patterned quilt and multiple pillows. There is a chair and two end tables. There is a large work of art hanging on one of the walls.

Size: Starting from 958 square feet (2 beds, 1 bath)
Cost: Starting from $139,000 (base)
Key features: Open floor plan, cork floors, wood ceiling and siding, sliding glass doors, low-e windows, efficient LED lights, environmental monitoring system

Northwest by Ideabox

A living area with couches, arm chairs, tables, a grey area rug, and a hardwood floor. There are floor to ceiling windows overlooking a yard with trees.
A television on a television stand and two open doorways looking into two rooms. One room is a bathroom with red walls. The other room is a bedroom with blue walls.
A kitchen area with wooden cabinetry and shelves that have various dining ware on them. There is a door leading into a bedroom with blue walls. Ideabox
A bedroom with green walls and a bed. There are floor to ceiling windows looking out into a yard. There is art hanging on the wall above the bed.

Size: 560 square feet (1 bed, 1 bath)
Cost: $113,400
Key features: Galley kitchen, stainless steel appliances, painted fiber cement shingles

Weehouse by Alchemy

A wooden house with multiple windows.
A living area with dark grey couches. There are floor to ceiling windows looking out towards trees. There is a kitchen area with a red wall on the other end of the room.
A kitchen area with red cabinets. Alchemy
A narrow wooden house in a forest.

Size: 450 to 2,000 square feet
Cost: $80-125K for 450 square feet; $120-210K for 850 square feet; $180-330K for 1,350 square feet; $240-400K for 2,000 square feet
Key features: Steel or wooden siding, low-e glass, stainless steel appliances, in-floor hydronic heating, customizable

k6 by kitHAUS

A house with large windows and wood mulch in front of it. There is a wall of green plants next to the entrance.
A living area with a bed that has many various pillows. There is a round mirror and chandelier above the bed. The bed faces a window.
A bed with many pillows. A tray with books and a small teacup sits on the bed. There is a chandelier hanging over the bed. kitHAUS
A tiny home with a wall of plants and flowers on the side of it. Two chairs and table are next to the flower wall.

Size: 240 to 330 square feet (kitchenette and bath included)
Cost: Starting from $55,000
Key features: Structural insulated panels construction, white shiplap or birch plywood walls, bamboo or plywood, Ikea or similar quality furnishings and fixtures

99-2b by Cubicco

A tiny home surrounded by trees. The interior has chairs and shelves with plants.
A dining area. There is a table and chairs. Against the far wall is a silver refrigerator and blue cabinetry.

Size: 1,025 square feet (2 beds, 2 baths)
Cost: Starting from $160,300
Key features: Impact-resistant windows and doors (can withstand winds up to 180 mph), cork exterior finishing, central air, upgrades for solar energy heating and rainwater harvesting systems available

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