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Tour Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s private paradise in the Bahamas

Indoor-outdoor living at its best

Interior shot of white bedroom that opens up to the ocean.
Each room is connected by open-air passageways.
Photos courtesy of Architectural Digest

Country music stars and married couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have set up their own private paradise on an island in the Bahamas. Purchased in 2003, the 20-acre “L’île d’Anges” was empty save for a “little shack.”

Before the compound was move-in ready, there was a lot of work to be done, including building infrastructure from the ground up. That included bringing in water and electricity.

“We set out to build a house. We had no idea we had to build everything else,” Hill told Architectural Digest. “We basically had to build a little town.”

Now, many years later, it is finally home to the family of five. Designed by architecture and interior design practice McAlpine and completed in 2012, the house comprises eight pavilions—each room essentially its own building—all connected by open-air passageways. In other words, indoor-outdoor living at its best.

The interiors, which were designed by Ray Booth and inspired by the beach setting, are characterized by white walls, natural finishes, and the blue of the Bahamian waters. “We wanted everything to feel a bit cobbled together,” Booth explained, “as if you washed up on the beach and had to figure out a way” to decorate the house.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest