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Art Deco concert hall dazzles after renovation


British firm Caruso St John’s renovation of this 1939 concert hall won the firm a 2017 RIBA North West award.
Photos courtesy Caruso St John via Dezeen

Sure—concert halls are for celebrating the brilliance of musicians and their prowess as benders of sound. But concert hall design, and the work architects do to make the acoustic and visual experience of sitting in a hushed performance space, deserves to be noticed—and preserved. Case in point: The Liverpool Philharmonic, a 1939 Art Deco masterpiece in Liverpool, England, by architect Herbert Rowse.

In a renovation we first spotted over on Dezeen, British design firm Caruso St John revamped this Grad II-listed hall started working to revive the 250-capacity hall in 2012, over three phases.

The revamped spaces include the entry, which includes a high-ceilinged bar and several passageways, as well as the main auditorium, and an addition to the original structure that accommodates a smaller performance space, offices, and more.

The building’s renovation was recently named one of the winners of the 2017 Royal Institute of British Architects North West Regional Awards.

For a full look around, head over to Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen